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Decorotos Virgen de Coromoto Mini Statue

Decorotos Design

Decorotos Virgen de Coromoto Mini Statue


Ceramic painted Virgin of Coromoto figurine.

  • Colour: Gold
  • Height: 13cm
  • Width: 8cm

 The Virgin of Coromoto is the patron Saint of Venezuela. She appeared to Indian Chief Coromoto in the city of Guanare over 350 years ago, requesting that he take his tribe to be baptized. He took his family but refused to lose his independence by being baptized. When the Virgin appeared for a second time in his hut, he tried to shoot an arrow at her and as she vanished a paper image of her appeared in his hand. Whilst escaping he was bitten by a snake and finally requested to be baptized. He then became an apostle and started preaching the word of God to his people.

She is also the patron saint of our local church in Punto Fijo, which we frequented for Sunday mass.

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