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Decorotos Design

by Mario Door & Ricardo Alva

Caracas, Venezuela.


This Brand creates religious figures in neon colors to give a new and unique look to those important pieces in so many homes. They also create animal figures in totally bright colors for minimalistic decorations which are in fashion at the moment.

Decorotos Design selects the essence of common things and gives them color. Their inspiration comes from youth and their good vibes, and from people that love art and new things.

They started their new venture four years ago. A year later they became well known and continue today.

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela. Their favorite thing about the city is the mountain “El Ávila” and the way all of its hills light up at night.

When asked what they wish for Venezuela, the answer was all the peace and unity possible, and a rainfall of faith for everyone so that we may move all the mountains we want! #neonblessings



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