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Two sisters. Two countries. One heart.

Venezuela is currently going through very difficult times, and the situation worsens every day. One of the many challenges of the economic crisis is the control on currency exchange, which has made it virtually impossible for Venezuelans to import products. Furthermore, national production has greatly decreased due to government restrictions and regulations.

 So Venezuelans got creative..."if we can´t import the brands we love, then let’s make our own!"

 As a result, there has been an explosion of patriotism in fashion design expressed through handmade clothes, swimwear, jewellery, handbags, art, and all things fun and colourful! We love it so much that we decided to share it with you. We want to be a channel for our people so that their products can travel beyond the borders of Venezuela. In the process, we want you to get to know our country, from the warmth of our people and the deliciousness of our food, to the natural paradises of our land.

 Join us on this adventure as we make a humble attempt to give back to our country all the wonderful things it has given to us. With your purchase, not only are you embellishing your wardrobe with a one of a kind piece, you will also learn a little bit more about a country that may be very foreign to you, but for some very dear. Every one of our pieces will transport the love with which it was idealized and carefully handmade. But most importantly, your support will motivate and bring hope to a Venezuelan designer or artisan who is struggling day to day in inconceivable ways. Our designers believe in a great country and use that inspiration to design and create. 

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Yours truly,

Angela & Oriana.






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