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VP Trendy

By Vanessa Padilla

Lechería, Estado Anzoátegui.

 Lechería is located on the Eastern coast of Venezuela. For Vanessa, it is the perfect combination between city and beach, a place to retreat. Lecheria offers a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere due its closeness to the most exotic beaches and islands along with sunny and tropical weather. She also loves the people not only for their characteristic Venezuelan traits but for their drive and creativity for new ventures. “We create and design pure art in all of its senses.”

Vanessa´s inspiration comes from the Venezuelan woman: always setting trends, never staying behind, and never going unnoticed. The Venezuelan woman always shines no matter what border she crosses. “We are original, creative, designers of our own style, innovative, and we chase what we like.”

Since 2013, her creations have been about unique accessories to complement any outfit. She uses quality materials in her crochet earrings, necklaces, and rings with pearls and stones. VP Trendy is always expanding. They ventured into beautiful espadrilles with unique designs. And currently, they are working on their new collection “Crochet 100% Hand Made” which will include handbags and sandals.

A wish for Venezuela: Our biggest wish is for Venezuela to reborn and to flourish like never before, providing a home, opportunities, quality of life, and all the happiness in the world to its people. We want more people coming than people leaving. We want to continue creating and innovating. We want to continue being the pioneers of the made in Venezuela seal so that our achievements can be heard in every corner of the world.  




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