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Moda Maca

By Denise Alsina 

Maracay, Estado Aragua. 

In the northern-central region of Venezuela is the city of Maracay. Denise loves how the mountains of the Henry Pittier National Park embrace the city. She also loves the beautiful beaches of the state of Aragua. 

Denise is fascinated by being able to create accessories from woman to woman, to have girls identify with the style and taste she imprints in each of her designs. The vision of Moda Maca is to offer the possibility of personalizing each piece according to the customers taste. 

Moda Maca began in 2015 and specializes in women´s accessories: necklaces, earrings and bracelets… for now! 

A wish for Venezuela: Peace and reconciliation among Venezuelans. For Venezuela to move forward with a solid base of respect for the different ways of thinking between its citizens.



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