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Denise Françoise Diseños

By Denise Marcucci 

Caracas, Venezuela 

From the capital of Venezuela, Denise loves the warmth of its people and its location, separated from the Caribbean sea by the national park Waraira Repano, home of the iconic Ávila mountain. 

For four years, Denise Francoise Diseños has been making women´s jewellery and home accessories like napkin holders, jellewery stands, picture holders and bookmarks. 

The brand is inspired by nature and more specifically by the leaf, which represents life, calmness, tranquility, and infinite sensations. The leaf has healing properties (teas, herbal medicines), it offers protection (shade), its texture makes it irresistible to want to feel in our hands, and it´s lightweight and versatile. For this reason, Denise tries to represent these sensations in each of her designs. 

A wish for Venezuela: Peace and Justice.  



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