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C´est Pour Toi

Barquisimeto, Estado Lara

CPT was founded in 1989 as a small brand and has now grown into a company with ten stores nationwide in Venezuela. Their mission is to promote Venezuelan design and prove what discipline, dedication, and love can accomplish. They create clothing and are currently working on a #CPTHome collection.

“C´est Pour Toi” means “It´s For You” in French. The name is French with a Venezuelan heart. The brand is identified by #OUO, the central vowels in the name. It´s also a little face that is always winking at you and is found in every one of their pieces.

The CPT team love the twilight from their city, Barquisimeto, which is movie like and embraces all of the “guaros” (people from Barquisimeto) equally. They also love the sea that makes the Caribbean spirit dance, and finally the food. They consider themselves Venezuelan Foodies so much that they reflect it in one of their designs.

A wish for Venezuela: Happiness and the return of all whom have left to fill the tables of homes again with family, love, and arepas!



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